Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A cemetery - seriously?!

Yes - Quite serious.

Duane and I had a "Date" this last Monday morning where we dropped Rella off at a friends house for a couple hours. Our friends suggested walking around the large, ancient looking cemetery nearby their home. We were dubious, but always try to be open to new experiences. Needless to say, we were not disappointed.


Duane standing in front of one of the many "tombs" on the property. This one was really quite stunning when you looked at the detail 

Duane and I surmised that the two figurines represented the couple laid to rest inside - this being the woman 

And the sphinx (Is that the correct term?) being the man. 

It would be easy to look at these beautiful works of art and think something like "how sad, so much work, and the dead cannot enjoy it" But Duane and I enjoyed a rich discussion on what these symbols, and the heritage they leave, CAN mean to the living and the dead. 

The above headstone was a great example of one of these "symbolic" memorials. It has a cut piece of glass in the top, and the geometric artistry of the name and the title symbolise a life-long passion for the man buried beneath.

 This beautiful monument was encased in glass to deflect the destructive effects of acid rain (sadly, something you could see in alot of the older sculptures) It is a beautiful carving of a little girl - perched on a seat, looking peaceful. There is probably much more history to this piece, but that was my brief observation.

 This headstone, I would guess, was built to honor a dancer. Isin't the figure etched into the top expressive?

 As promised, a picture of me. However, I must say, a bit dwarfed by the beautiful window of glass, granite, and steel behind me. More detailed picts coming after this segment.
 Duane looking contemplative - not too unusual :)

Though many of the memorial buildings stood alone, there was one section of the cemetery that had several grouped together. Duane wondered out loud if they were like "Tombstone Townhouses" - and if indeed they were something like that - what made the individuals decide to ban together in the building of this structure? (it was clearly not all the same family, as you saw the names inscribed above each frame) 

This monument stood right beside the lake - a husband and wife

 It was soooo quiet - such a needed sense of peace, albiet right in the heart of the city!
 This one made me think of my mom (she always played the recorded, and still does!)
I loved the dedications that were written on many of the memorials -  some of which made me cry. Duane and I talked about how we would want to be remembered, as we walked around.

We ended the date with a great meal at a local restaurant called "Lulubells Cafe"

On a lighter note - does it mean something when in your 8th year of marriage you start going to cemeteries for dates? I'm just sayin'

and on a final note - I'm amazed that I have driven by this place for over 2 years, probably over a hundred times, and never seen what's inside. It delights me to remember that there is a bit of "magic" in even the places you assume to be ordinary. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just a little something to help you feel ready for monday :) 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Endangered Species Carousel

The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of my favorite spots in the city

 Rella absolutely loves the "Endangered Species Carousel" that they have on site - it's often the icing on the cake of a fun visit. This time she rode the "Cheetah" and held on tight as the figurine moved up and down during the ride. It makes me happy to see her happy.

I love the fact that I can be close to animals in the city - it's a win-win :) Here's a better shot of the cheetah

Heart Floss

When I get to the gym, I have this thought pop into my head again and again "Cardio and stretching is for your heart like floss is for your teeth!"

Yes, It's a random thought - but if you can run with the idea - I have a sister who has a very, very clean heart, and she takes very much so after our Grandmother (who is now 90 years old and still teaching aerobics).


I sure love these women - for their clean and big hearts.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Chicago Art Institute

There are many ways to be inspired in Chicago - though I think I've found a really good one: 

The Chicago Art Institute 

The first and third Wednesday of any month is FREE for Chicago residents (go Chicago!) Rella and I joined forces with our friends this morning to view some breathtaking originals like . . .

 Seurat's Sunday Afternoon

Van Gogh's Self Portrait 

Though our visit was short, I felt the palpable energy of all the history and expression that surrounded us. Here is a quick picture of Rella (looking contemplative) at the end of our morning visit: 

More pictures coming soon - and hopefully more of myself as well! (I would like to avoid being one of those mom's who only has pictures of her kids until they are about 18 - it's symbolic to me, so I am going to find a way to get a few in of myself, bad hair and all!) 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chicago's Northernly Island

As a "Sunday-morning-connect-with-nature" experience, Rella and I visited Northernly Island. It is this small utopia right in the middle of the city, which juts out just beyond the Adler Planetarium.

Rella thoroughly enjoyed the fine art of chasing geese 

As you walk along the shoreline, there are beautiful weeping willows which of course are perfect for secret hideaways for small people

 Rella with imaginary box on her head

Actually, this is the only picture with Rella facing me, so I decided to use it. I'm not sure what her arms mean other than "oh mom! This is so cool!" 

Though glass and other trash can sometimes be found on Chicago Beaches, overall they are beautiful places to visit. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Tale ... Even Worth Telling?

I recently sent this to DollarShaveClub customer service. I don't really care what their response is. It was just fun to write. :P
One morning last week when I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping, I took to the shower as I so often do. The shampoo stage had completed, and my beardly bristles beckoned. As the shower door dripped with pregnant drops of gathered steam, I reached for my beautiful, chrome, DollarShaveClub handle which was nestled in a sweet-tempered manner between the bar soap and tile wall. 
To my horror--and with the scene now playing in slow motion--I saw my index and middle fingers overshoot the gentle blade and nudge the handle past its fulcrum. Twirling, spinning, out of control! It dashed its head against the wall, bravely recovered as it fell, and then smashed itself against the cold, hard, unforgiving floor on which my now ashamed feet stood. The chrome remained, resolute, but its plastic innards were strewn about the place in a pool of soap and water. I cried. 
Then a look of fear passed over my face. What if they won't send me another one, and I keep getting more and more blades in the mail?
We'll see!